How to Select the Perfect Size of Your Custom Wine Rack?

If you are growing your wine collection quickly, you will surely need a place to store the bottles. But if you are wondering how effectively you may store the wine, one of the biggest concerns is pinning on the right size and capacity. With so many styles and configurations of Wine Rack, you may feel the dilemma inside. 

One of the most satisfying aspects of building a wine storage without compromising the space is building a custom wine rack. With so many racking styles, like countertops, cabinets, stackable, and drawers, it is natural for every homeowner to feel overwhelmed. 

How Big Or Small Should Your Wine Rack Be?

You hate to answer this question. Unfortunately, the question comes spinning whenever you decide to build one. Before you know how big or small should your wine cellar be, there are a few considerations that you cannot ignore:

  • When exploring wine racking systems, ask yourself what the storage goals are. How many bottles do you have currently and how do you expect the collection to grow? Are you planning to grow a big collection? Simply stuffing bottles in a wine rack that is truly oversized for a small space may make the storage look weird and a total misfit. So, get sure about the number of bottles you need to organize and decide on the layout of the racks. Once you are clear on the capacity of the bottles, you can move ahead to the planning stage.
  • What is the size of your ceiling? Imagine that the ceiling of your house is about ten feet, but you cannot access such heights. So, try to design the wine storage up to only six feet as that is the highest you can access. Well, you might be thinking if six feet is accessible. Well, you can get a ladder to access the bottles on the highest racks. Remember to store the less-used bottles on the top portion of the rack and the frequently used ones below for the best result.
  • As far as the size of the wine-racking system is concerned, you can discard the idea of going high and deep instead. Why don’t you design triple layers of racks where you can store the bottles and label them appropriately? Remember to create an appropriate depth to ensure that the bottles fit into the racks without having to create any effort. Do you have a passion for metal wine racks?  You can get a wine cellar with built-in metal racks inside.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all option when designing wine racks. You need to pin on the perfect size to store the bottles. 


Tips To Choose The Size Of The Cellar

When selecting the size of the wine rack, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Number Of Bottles To Store 

Whether you are buying a rack for practical purposes or considering a design-centric rack, the number of bottles you need to store should be one of the key aspects to consider. That way, you can determine whether you can choose a wall-mounted rack or a free-standing rack. The capacity of wine racks is different but if you have a specific design in mind, like a cabinet with racks inside, you can go on adding more racks when the collection grows. 

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  • Assess The Location

Where are you planning to install the wine rack? Is it below the stairs or inside one big room or in the dining area? Get the measurements of the space and combine the number of bottles you need to store with it to know which location is most suitable for storing your precious assets. No matter how exquisite the design of the rack is, it should not look ill-fitted or clumsy. 

For instance, you might already have adequate furniture in the dining area. So, if you want the racking system to stand out, you can select wall-mounted cellars to create a visual impact. With so many options and ideas, you are likely to feel confused when making the right choice. Consult with Wine Cellars of Houston to pick the perfect racking system that suits the capacity of your home. They also design commercial wine cellars for offices and retail space and have been a leading expert in this field. 

Getting the perfect size of racks for home wine cellars is all about your thinking perspective. Ideally, you need to choose racks that meet your specifications and criteria appropriately. 

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