Danny Koker House, King of the Car Scene

Danny Koker house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is known to many as the owner and star of the television show “Counting Cars”. Given his connection to Las Vegas, it makes perfect sense that Danny would choose this vibrant city as his home base. His large estate features an impressive two-story residence with a pool, private courtyard, and multiple garages filled with luxury cars and motorcycles – all of which are part of the Count’s collection!

Koker is one of the most influential and well-known carmakers in the world. Danny Koker house is a must-see for anyone interested in cars. Koker is considered the king of the car scene, and his home is a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

Danny Koker House

Koker House, commonly referred to as The Koker House, is a historic house located in the heart of downtown Carmel, Indiana. Built-in 1914-15 by Danny Koker, it is one of the earliest examples of a large, traditional American home. The home owned by the Kokers for over seventy years. Today, it is use as a hotel and continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Carmel. The house is located at the corner of Main and South Streets in Carmel, Indiana. It is a large two-story structure clad with stucco and consists of a central entry, two wings that flank the main entrance, and an attached garage. It builts for the Shaffer family, who were prominent in Indiana history. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

The History of Danny Koker House:

The history of the Koker House traced back to the early days of car culture in America. The house built in 1923 by Danny Koker, a Chevrolet enthusiast and car owner. Over the years, the house used as a home, garage, and dealership. Today, it is one of the most significant structures in the Car Scene. Danny Koker co-founded Koker Motors in 1951 and quickly became a leading player in the car industry. Over the years, he has made significant contributions to both his company and the automotive community.

The Inside of Koker House:

The Inside of House is a must-see for any car enthusiast. The home has been in the family for over 60 years and is still in use today as a showroom and workshop. Danny Koker was born in 1916 and started building cars at the age of 12. He would go on to become one of the most influential drivers in the early years of Formula One. In 1956, he founded his dealership, which became one of the largest and most successful in the sport. Koker remains a driving force behind many aspects of Formula One racing today. The house is open seven days a week and features a fully restored collection of cars, which include Ferraris, Jaguars, Lotus E27s, and much more. The collection also includes an extensive archive of race photographs.

Danny’s House: The home that started it all for Danny Koker.

Danny Koker was one of the most influential and well-known car enthusiasts in the early to mid-2000s. He was able to start his car dealership in 2002 and quickly become known as a top authority on pre-owned cars. Today, Koker’s dealership is one of the largest in the country, with over 350 vehicles available for purchase. Koker continues to be an outspoken advocate for all things automotive, serving as President of the American Automotive Association (AAA) since 2007 and working closely with other industry groups.

The Garage: This is where Danny makes his money and starts to build his name as a car owner.

Danny Koker is the reigning king of the car scene. His garage is one of the most popular locations in town for finding new and used cars. Koker has been in the car business for over 20 years and his garage is home to some of the top-quality vehicles in town.  The Koker family involves in the car industry for generations and their name is well known throughout town. Koker is knows for his kindness, integrity, and attention to detail. He is a true car enthusiast who puts the customer first with every purchase.

Koker has a reputation as a car expert and is one of the most respected dealers in town. His knowledge and experience help him to sell cars on the best terms possible. He also has a reputation for being very fair and honest.

Koker’s service is second to none. He is extremely quick, knowledgeable and pleasant. He will help you to make your best choice when buying a car. Koker is also knows as the “car whisperer.

The Collection: Danny’s largest collection of cars, including classics and modern models.

Danny Koker is one of the most famous car collectors in the country. His collection of classic and modern cars totals over 100 vehicles. On a recent tour of his home, Danny shared his collection with us and let us know what some of his favorite vehicles are.

Danny is originally from Illinois but has lived in California for many years now. He started collecting cars when he was just a teenager and quickly became well-known in the car community. He involves in the car hobby for most of his life, even having his show business ventures to promote his collections.

One of Danny’s favorite vehicles is a Porsche 356 model that he purchased new in 1990. The car is currently store at his house, and Danny says that it’s one of the most difficult items to keep clean because it’s so old and dusty!

The Collection: Highlights of the year, including a classic Corvette Stingray.

“This year, the Corvette Stingray was at the top of the heap.”

The 2017 Corvette Stingray was a classic car that everyone wanted to see. This year, it made an appearance at the top of the heap. The car was so popular that it appeared in several high-profile events and auctions. The car was auctioned off by the RM Auctions, who held the event at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. There was a total of 350 cars on display. The winning bid for this iconic car on behalf of RM Auctions came in at $8.1 million.


Danny Koker is the king of the car scene. His house is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Miami. The house featured on various TV shows and is now a museum. Tours are available for those interested in learning more about the cars that he’s been able to collect over the years. Koker’s father, Henk Koker, was a car collector as well. His son has been able to realize his dreams of building a museum in the house that is now a museum. The house featured on various television shows and has become an attraction for tourism.

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